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Strata Clean Group is a cleaning company that offers professional cleaning services to strata properties. For more than 20 years, we have been the leading provider of such service to building owners and managers in Sydney. The results we deliver never fail to satisfy and keep our clients happy. That is why they continue to trust us and choose us for their cleaning needs.

We offer a wide range of strata cleaning services. These services are guaranteed to cover all important aspects of your property, such as the common areas. And they will be carried out by our highly skilled and trained professional cleaners. Now, you no longer have to worry about quality, as we deliver nothing short of superior.

If you worry about your property’s security, then you should choose our team. We put primacy to our clients’ safety and security at all times. To help protect it, we only hire trustworthy individuals, and we require them to submit themselves to background checking.

We also require them to wear uniforms at work so our client will be able to identify them easily. This puts our clients at ease, knowing who come to their property and their purpose for being there.

For cost-effective Strata Cleaning Sydney, contact Strata Clean Group immediately. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for strata cleaning in Eastwood services you require.

Eco-Friendly Strata Cleaning

Strata Clean Group do not just want to clean residential and commercial premises. We also care for the environment, and we do our part to help protect it. Our cleaning team uses eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment in all our cleaning projects to lessen our environmental impact.

Moreover, we always take a conscious effort in conserving natural resources, like water. Aside from helping us to be efficient, our high-grade equipment help us reduce water consumption by 75%. Not only do we clean effectively, but we do so in the most eco-friendly way possible.

When choosing a cleaning provider, choose a company that cares for the environment as much as they care for their clients, like Strata Clean Group. Schedule a cleaning with us today or inquire for a quote. Our sales team will provide you with all the necessary details you need.

A Comprehensive and All-Around Cleaning

We leave no stone unturned, and we always ensure our job is complete before leaving a site. That is why our cleaning services are designed to cover all the necessary aspects of a strata property. When our cleaners come to your site, you can expect them to cover the following areas:

Entrances, hallways, lobbies and foyers

Driveways, carparks and pool areas

Common bathrooms and kitchen areas


Bin rooms

Floors, stairs, lifts, ceilings and walls

To ensure your entire property is well-maintained, do not trust just any ordinary cleaners. Choose Strata Clean Group and see visible, amazing results. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction and that your lot owners will love our cleaning outcomes.

For all inquiries call our sales team or use our online form to get to us. We will provide you with a prompt response and accurate information for the services that you require.

Following Services We Provide

Strata Cleaning Eastwood

Strata Cleaners Eastwood

Eastwood NSW

Eastwood is a commercial and residential centre in Sydney, New South Wales. It is located 17 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district (CBD). The original inhabitant of this land is believed to be the Wallumedegal Aboriginal tribe. They used to live in the area between the Parramatta Rivers and Lane Cove.

Europeans settlers first arrived on Eastwood in 1788. It was named William Rutledge, an early Irish free settler. Today, it is most known for the Granny Smith apple. This type of fruit was first grown by Mary Ann Smith by accident. Since then, residents hold the annual Granny Smith Festival every October to celebrate the fruitful “accident”.

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