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Who does not want a clean place to live and work in? Definitely not you and your tenants. Strata Clean Group is here to help you provide them with a clean living and working space. We offer comprehensive strata cleaning services that will cover all your Strata Cleaning Service Sydney needs.

Our company offers a wide range of cleaning services. We can take care of both the interior and exterior parts of your property. Our staff will also provide with impeccable cleaning that will ensure your residents and tenants stay healthy and safe.

From cleaning the driveways, entrance points, walls, gardens, to maintaining the common areas; we will do it all for you. We deliver value for money and ensure that not a single aspect of your property will be neglected.

For a wide-ranging strata cleaning, we provide the following services:

For cost-effective strata cleaning, contact Strata Clean Group immediately. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for strata cleaning in Liverpool services you require.

Strata cleaning

Strata gardening

Graffiti removal

High-pressure cleaning

Body corporate cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Bin services

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are an essential investment in your strata property. It helps make a common area look more appealing, comforting and professional. Without it, your strata building may look dull and bland.

However, even when you have elegant carpets, when they are not well-maintained, they decrease the aesthetic value of your property. Carpets need professional cleaning to serve their purpose efficiently.

Strata Clean Group can help your carpet do their job. By giving it impeccable cleaning, your carpet will look vibrant and more beautiful. When it does, it can make the common areas in your building twice as stunning and appealing.

Our expert technicians can also cater to upholstery and rugs. When you got plush adornments in your strata building, you can rely on us to take care of it. We guarantee to give you healthier, softer, cleaner and fresh-looking carpet.

Bin Services

Strata Clean Group also provides bin services. Our cleaners will ensure that your bin rooms remain clean and sanitise at all times. They will also help collect garbage and put them out for regular collection.

Ensuring that your bin rooms are clean is as essential as keeping a common area clean and presentable. That is because the unpleasant odour coming from unmanaged garbage can spread in the air making your entire property unpleasant to be in.

We will ensure this does not happen. Our cleaning team will help maintain the good air quality in your strata property. They will do this by regularly monitoring garbage collection, and keeping the bin rooms clean at all times. They will also perform sanitation processes to ensure bacteria and germs do not spread in the entire vicinity.

As we said, Strata Clean Group leaves no aspect behind. We will clean even the most hidden corners of your property. Even the ones your tenants do not see on a daily basis. We will cover common areas, driveways, bin rooms and even your garden to ensure your satisfaction.

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Strata Cleaning Liverpool

Strata Cleaners Liverpool

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The current name of the suburb was given by Governor Lachlan Macquarie after the Earl of Liverpool, Robert Banks Jenkinson. Today, it houses major shopping centres in Macquarie Street and Westfield Liverpool. In its northern end, high-density residential apartments can be found. While massive industrial developments are underway in the southern end.

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